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370z Steering Lock Failure

A common flaw with the early model Nissan 370z from 2009 till approximately 2014. The car wont pass ACC on the start button, the steering wheel remains locked and the car wont start.

Fuze removal tutorial to stop this from happening - Click Here
How To Guide on what to do if you car wont start - Click Here

370z Clutch Pedal Wont Lift off the Floor

Another flaw which is a ticking time bomb for any model 370z is the dreaded CSC (Concentric Slave Cylinder) failure. This can happen anytime with a standard CSC or a standard replacement CSC if it is installed.

What can you do to stop this from happening? There is a CSC delete kit that will ensure you never need a CSC replacement ever again. - CSC Delete Kit | JDM Accessories


Apple Carplay / Android Auto

One of the biggest peeves with the 370z is that there was never an update to include Apple Carplay / Android Auto to the factory interface.

We have a DIY Screen-cast solution for you in the interim, whilst we further develop a plug and play solution that wont break the bank!

PDF Guide, parts list & instructional video  - Click Here

Nissan recommends and VQ's require oil to have PAO (Ploy Alpha Olefins) Ester, which reduces the friction on the valve springs and helps minimise any ticking. However there's no issues using other types of oils within the right viscosity. VQs tend to burn oil due to heat and the ester helps lubricate it.
Nissan recommends 5w 30 oil viscosity.
STREET Recommended: Penrite 10-tenths or Castrol Magnitec
TRACK Recommended: Nissan Ester or Motul 300V/Sport

Nissan 350z/370z Recommended Oil

Nissan 350z/370z Window Level Reset

Turn the car in the on position and sit inside the car with the doors closed. Wind windows all the way down, then hold both window buttons in the down position for about 20 seconds. You will hear the doors 'click' once or twice.


Then wind the windows all the way up, this may take a couple of pulls up with the switches. When all the way up hold the switches in the up position for 20 seconds. Same 'click' sounds will be heard.

Then repeat with the windows down procedure. This should reset the 'auto leveling' in the windows and will work with the auto down/up when you open your doors.

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