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370z Steering Lock Failure

A common flaw with the early model Nissan 370z from 2009 till approximately 2014. The car wont pass ACC on the start button, the steering wheel remains locked and the car wont start.

Fuze removal tutorial to stop this from happening - Click Here
How To Guide on what to do if you car wont start - Click Here

370z Clutch Pedal Wont Lift off the Floor

Another flaw which is a ticking time bomb for any model 370z is the dreaded CSC (Concentric Slave Cylinder) failure. This can happen anytime with a standard CSC or a standard replacement CSC if it is installed.

What can you do to stop this from happening? There is a CSC delete kit that will ensure you never need a CSC replacement ever again. - CSC Delete Kit | JDM Accessories

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