Nissan 370z - Steering Lock

How to fix your Electronic Steering Control module once it is jammed.

A common flaw with the early model Nissan 370z from 2009 till approximately 2014. The car wont pass ACC on the start button, the steering wheel remains locked and the car wont start.

This is both frustrating and concerning for anyone that hasn't encountered this before so we are happy to share with you what you will need and how to fix it.


Note: This is a temporary fix! This will enable you to get the car into ACC and remove the fuse that operates the ESC Module. To pull the fuse in ACC, and it will trick the module into thinking it is bypassed every time. Replacement ESC modules are approx. $900 if replacing yourself or $2k plus at Nissan. We recommend sourcing a new module here from JDMAccessories.

Tools you will need:  You will need a set of angled Pointy Nose Pliers & a Flat Head screwdriver.

Firstly locate the ESC module under the steering column.

There are 2 blind screws located on the top of the box, opposite to the side of the power plug. You should be able to easily unscrew these with the angled pointy nose pliers.

Steer Lock.jpg
370Z Steering Lock 5.jpg

Once loosened, remove the unit but leave it plugged in. Press down on the pin with your flat head screwdriver and put your foot on the clutch (or brake if auto) and go to start the car.

With the car running, you can now locate the fuze in the battery tray of the Z and remove it. Without removing the fuze, you will need to use the screwdriver every time.

For a quick tutorial on how to locate and remove the fuze, check out this video

Special thanks for providing this solution.

Marcus Friggieri | JDM Accessories